[microformats-discuss] XOXT@Web2.0 Re: XHTML tables as CSV-like "records"?

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Mon Oct 3 08:42:55 PDT 2005

Hi Ryan,

On Oct 2, 2005, at 10:45 PM, Ryan King wrote:
> Actually, it seems we need something like xoxo for tables:
> xoxo is to outlines as ? is to tables.

Precisely. Well put! The question is, does anyone else agree?

If XOXO = eXtensible Open XHTML Outlines, then are we looking for:

XOXT = eXtensible Open XHTML Tables (pronounced "zot" or "zoxed")?

Or perhaps XOXR ("zoccser", records)?

Would this contain anything other than <table> and its valid sub- 

> Your questions are good and well thought out. I hope my answers  
> have been helpful.

Yes, extremely so.   Thank you!

Perhaps we can discuss this at Web 2.0 this week.  I presume you'll  
be at Tantek's talk Wed AM?  Anyone else?

-- Ernie P.

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