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(Now I'm going to make the bad habit of following up to my own post.)

The creation of microformats is very much analogous to the creation of 
English language dictionaries, where common usage was examined, codified 
and standardized. Before dictionaries went into common use, there were 
many acceptable ways of spelling the same word; afterwards, writers 
looked dictionaries to find the correct way to spell words.

Microformats are the dictionary of XHTML semantic content.

Regards, etc...

David Janes -- BlogMatrix wrote:
> Robert Sayre wrote:
>> Adoption seems to be /okay/, but I'm still kind of pondering what
>> these thing are for and what kind of apps use them. I would check the
>> wiki, but it seems to be down, so I wonder if  there's an answer to
>> the most frequently asked question around here:
>> "What are microformats for?"
> Microformats are for codifying commonly used information-rich HTML 
> content in such a way that semantic meaning can be machine extracted.
> Regards, etc...
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