[microformats-discuss] Evolution vs Intelligent Design

Luke Arno luke.arno at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 14:27:48 PDT 2005

This debate has become so religious I figured I might as well go all the way.

On 10/5/05, David Janes -- BlogMatrix <davidjanes at blogmatrix.com> wrote:
> The creation of microformats is very much analogous to the creation of
> English language dictionaries, where common usage was examined, codified
> and standardized. Before dictionaries went into common use, there were
> many acceptable ways of spelling the same word; afterwards, writers
> looked dictionaries to find the correct way to spell words.
> Microformats are the dictionary of XHTML semantic content.


Everyone keeps asking what problems microformats solve. What are the use
cases? That is the wrong question. Who cares!?!

We don't need a problem statement. The problems are too many and too
fine grained and most importantly *already solved*

At it's core, I see this as a documentation project.

It's language. It's evolution not "intelligent design."

If this doesn't get me flamed, I don't know what will :-]

- Luke

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