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Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Oct 7 11:31:20 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I was at the BOF at Chaat last night - thanks for organising it. Great 
to see and meet some of you in person!

I joined the list a little while ago to find out more about what I'm 
missing. Learnt a whole deal about the value of being respectful of 
existing idioms and of being explicit and visible.

My background is as pragmatic semweb hacker and I think there are a lot 
of similarities in the core principles of microformats and the semweb. 
I'm keen to explore the cross-over points and I recently proposed a 
workshop for WWW2006 to explore this:

"The Semantic Web has for a long time been the domain of theorists and
researchers. In recent years applications based on the core Semantic Web
principles of machine readable data, decentralisation and semantic
interoperability have started to emerge. These applications are
providing practical experimental results that could be of great value in
validating the foundations of the Semantic Web. However many of these
applications are eschewing the proposed stack in favour of simpler but
less expressive formats and protocols. This workshop aims to provide a
forum in which to discuss and analyse the motivations behind these
practices and to examine what lessons the theorists and practitioners
can learn from one another's experiences."

It's too early to know whether this proposal will be accepted but if it 
is I'd like to invite all microformateers to participate if you are able.

Looking forward to continuing my learning here.

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