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Craig Ogg craig.ogg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 15:09:05 PDT 2005


My name is Craig Ogg.  I am co-founder of social software startup in
LA, previously VP of R&D at Stamps.com.  I have been just lurking
because my interest is mostly historical.  I previously founded a
startup back when "pen computing" and SGML were kings (early 90s) that
used reference works (dictionaries, atlases, etc.) installed on your
machine to enhance whatever text you were reading.  In part, we were
leveraging the work of the Text Encoding Initiative

I like the concept of more semantic information in documents, but I
think microformats are waiting for a killer app that matters to
content authors.  That said, the strategy of also making it useful for
CSS styling at least provides some immediate value until the killer
app(s) arrive.

Craig Ogg

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