[microformats-discuss] Video Pop-up Link Maker

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Wed Oct 12 13:33:36 PDT 2005

Ryan King wrote:
 > I think we're miscommunicating here.
 > What you have above, Josh is some great analysis, a good conclusion.
 > What we're missing is the evidence that led you to that conclusion.
 > You know vlogging well, most of us don't- this is part of the reason
 > why we advocate thorough documentation, because only then can non-
 > domain-experts work with the format in an informed manner.
 > David Janes (and others) are doing great work on http://
 > microformats.org/wiki/blog-post-formats. We need similar work
 > for media.

Just to endorse this -- sitting down and spending the time actually 
systematically documenting and analyzing the cases "in the wild" -- is 
uncovering depths of information I had no idea were below the surface of 
the problem.

Josh -- start simple with what people are doing in the videoblogging 
community. Exploit and encourage conformance to XHTML. Look at what 
people are actually doing is always the starting point.

For example, you suggest ...

Joshua Kinberg wrote:
 > <div class="enclosure">
 >     <a href=[URL of video] title=[title of video] type=[mime-type]
 > rel="enclosure">
 >         <img src=[URL of thumbnail image] class="thumbnail" />
 >     </a>
 >     <abbr class="duration" title="00:27:35">27 minutes, 35 seconds</abbr>
 >     [hCard of XFN for roles of creators/authors]
 >     [hCalendar for date of creation]
 >     [relLicense for license info]
 >     [relTag for category/taxonomy info]
 >     [relPayment for payment info]
 >     <blockquote>[description of video]</blockquote>
 > </div>

... if you sit down and look at what the videoblogging community is 
currently doing, you'll see that in 95%+ of the cases, many of these 
elements are already covered -- by the enclosing blog.

I can't speak for non-videoblog/porn sites. Mark's supposed to report 
back to us once he's finished "researching"....

Regards, etc...

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