[microformats-discuss] XHTML-REST (WAS: STRUM/DETH)

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Wed Oct 12 16:28:07 PDT 2005

Hi Luke,

Just dereference that link:

>> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
>> Representational_State_Transfer#REST_versus_RPC

This is fascinating:

> The OpenSearch initiative from A9.com attempts to standardize  
> searches using REST by establishing specifications for discovery of  
> search URLs and for the format of the resources returned (RSS 2.0  
> with minor extensions). In general, however, REST for data does not  
> yet have a generally-accepted, standard format corresponding to  
> HTML for documents, so each REST client must be custom-written to  
> deal with XML at a fairly low level, and crawling XML data over  
> REST is difficult (since it is not always easy to identify links).  
> Proposals for a standard, generic format for use with REST based  
> systems have included RDF, XTM, Atom, RSS (in its various  
> flavours), and Plain Old XML (POX) with XLink to handle links.

Exactly!  This is the problem I'm trying to solve.  Perhaps they  
might even realize that. In particular:
> RSS and Atom are the only ones formally supported by OpenSearch  
> aggregators, however other types, such as HTML are perfectly  
> acceptable.
So close, and yet so far. I'm not entirely sure how this fit  
together, but there does seem to be something there...

I'll try my best to make it tomorrow night so we can discuss this  
more in person; though its going to be a bear for me to get to...

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