[microformats-discuss] Video Pop-up Link Maker

Joshua Kinberg jkinberg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 10:08:46 PDT 2005

> All the more reason to use as much from the blog entry as possible. :o)

I definitely agree with this. That's why I think the core should be
the most simple, atomic element -- which is really a relEnclosure link
with an optional image. That would be the easiest for people to
create, and would satisfy most use cases in the wild.

All the other stuff would have to be optional, but I think should be
available for the sake of conforming to other existing schemas, and
for those who want to include metadata specific  to the video.

> > Multiple relEnclosure links within the <div> should be the same video
> > content, but perhaps different formats or resolutions.
> I've been using unordered lists for that, but as long as the use of <div>
> isn't a requirement...

IMHO, multiple relEnclosure links on the same page should be assumed
to be different content unless they are intentionally grouped by some
means. I guess it wouldn't matter what XHTML tag was used for
grouping, it could be <div class="enclosure"> or <ul
class="enclosure">, as long as the class name was decided upon.
Multiple instances of a relEnclosure link within a class="enclosure"
block could be considered intentionally grouped, and thus consitituing
multiple instances of the same content -- analogous to <media:group>
in the MRSS spec.

On the wiki for relEnclosure the question of multiple enclosures has
been raised, and the possibility of using something like <link
rel="alternate"> has been brought up:
< http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-enclosure >

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't believe rel="alternate" is
sufficient because it wouldn't allow for the possibility of multiple
groups -- i.e. rel="enclosure alternate" would only really allow for
one group. What would I do if I wanted to post two different videos
each with several alternates (Quicktime and Windows Media at various
resolutions)? How would I specify Group A and Group B without using
some kind of class name for grouping?


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