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Dr.Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Wed Oct 19 09:32:54 PDT 2005

> Can anyone play? :-)

Hey, the more the merrier!

I must admit, despite what I said about the 'X', "rex" is very cool.  
Short, studly, pronounceable, and bonus points for being the word for  
"king". The only possible collision is 'rexx', which is so last  
century (and spelled differently) that nobody but Amiga hackers is  
likely to complain...

Conceptually, it is a bit strange that "REST" is being added to  
"XHTML" rather than vice versa.  Then again, that's what I was saying  
with 'STRUM', so its not out of the question.

The game closes this evening (when I need to finish my slides), so  
keep those cards and letters coming...

-- Ernie P.

On Oct 19, 2005, at 9:15 AM, David Janes -- BlogMatrix wrote:

> Can anyone play? :-)
> SXOR -- semantic XHTML over REST
> Regards, etc...
> David
> Stephen Downes wrote:
>> REX
>> REST Enabled XHTML
>> -- Stephen
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