[microformats-discuss] REX! Re: REST-discuss list, naming

Stephen Downes stephen at downes.ca
Thu Oct 20 12:54:08 PDT 2005


The reasons why I went with 'REST Enabled XHTML':
   - it's short, punchy and clear -- no hyphens, no ambiguous or jargony 
words, easy to remember
   - it captures 'point of view' -- people will start with XHTML, and 
REX allows them to use REST too, hence the XHTML is 'REST enabled' for them

Trying to be more technical about the wording, to ensure that it's 100% 
expressive merely than 80%, in my view dilutes it, makes it harder to 
understand, makes the acronym look like it was a stretch instead of an 
easy fit.

Just my view; you all can call it whatever you want. :)

-- Stephen

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