[microformats-discuss] FYI: two posting about the Semantic Webthe "SynWeb", scraping and microformats

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Tue Oct 25 11:27:34 PDT 2005

Hi Ian,

On Oct 25, 2005, at 11:14 AM, Ian Hickson wrote:

> Sure. And if you do usability studies you find that people have  
> trouble
> with the "URI" part of that already.

Just so I understand: are you complaining about URIs or URLs?

> What I was referring to was the "using URIs as keys" part. People  
> don't do
> that today, not knowingly. They bookmark things, they search for  
> things,
> they write companies names followed by the magical incantation ".com".
> They don't know they are using URIs; those are an implementation  
> detail
> which could be replaced without changing the way people use the Web.

In my worldview, I actually only want to work with real URLs that  
point to a concrete resource.  I think people are very comfortable  
with *that*.

At the same time, I believe such URLs are actually sufficient for at  
least 80% of the data and relationships people want to express on the  
web.   I could be wrong, of course -- I'm far from an RDF guru -- but  
I'm still searching for a counter-example...

-- Ernie P.

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