Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:34:39 PDT 2005

On 10/25/05, Tantek Çelik <tantek at cs.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Re: [uf-discuss]
> Ta-da.  List subject prefixes have now been updated.  We had 3 votes for uf-
> which outnumbered all other proposals and there were no objections so the
> change has been made.

Got it. I was wondering.

Back to the regularly scheduled threads... (though if
> recent theoretical discussions don't wind themselves down pretty quickly, or
> tie into *practical* discussions, I may have to do some list admin-ing).

Wound down on my part.
I'll suggest in passing that although such discussions may be so much
froth in the context of this list, they do have some knock-on benefit.
I for one find them useful in clarifying the ideas (thanks guys),
useful when talking to the not-yet converted ;-)




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