[uf-discuss] XOXO question

Robert Sayre sayrer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 09:51:23 PDT 2005

The XOXO spec and FAQ imply that the many inline text elements are not
part of XOXO. From the FAQ:

  Q: MarkP uses <p> in some of his examples. Is that allowed? If yes,
shouldn't <p> then be
  added to the description of XOXO's "document type" (see above)?

  A: Yes, additional elements and/or attributes are allowed per XHTML
Modularization, and no,
  all such possible additions (e.g. <p>) don't need to be added to the
XOXO document type

But, for example, the list item element allows 	(PCDATA | Flow)*, so
<p> is allowed already, right?

Robert Sayre

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