[uf-discuss] rel-xxx proposal

Robert Bachmann rbach at rbach.priv.at
Wed Oct 26 14:23:17 PDT 2005

Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know of any current Microformat that covers this topic or
> anything in the wild that covers it either.  Here's basically what I
> propose:
>     <a rel="xxx" href="http://xxx-site.example.com/">XXX Site</a>
> This proposed Microformat is a way for page to "mark" what's at the
> end of the href -- in this case http://xxx-site.example.com/ -- is an
> XXX site.
> In my work creating IPTV sites and software, there is a need to mark
> linked content as being XXX.  (That way parents could potentially
> write/install user scripts to filter out all XXX content for their
> kids.  

> Or if someone wanted to just focus this type of content, they
> could do that too.  Etc.  There's alot more creative ways of making
> use of that too.)

> Opinions?

 Robert wants to see porn so he searches for links with rel="xxx"

 Some blogger posted a link to  r o t t e n . c o m and labeled it
 with rel="xxx"

 Robert thinks - oh I found a porn site - clicks the link and spends
 2 hours with vommiting on the floor.

 That could be counted as a creative use ;-)

Be sure to check out http://www.w3.org/PICS/.

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