[uf-discuss] hReview in the Wild

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Wed Oct 26 15:16:59 PDT 2005

On Oct 26, 2005, at 1:14 PM, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:

> Hello,
> On 10/26/05, Tim White <tjameswhite at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've implemented hReview in the Reference Reviews section of our Web
>> site (reviews.gale.com). I'm interested in feedback on if I've got it
>> formatted correctly. (FYI: Reviews database is now running in
>> WordPress.)
>> I also have two questions:
>> 1) What is the "fn" for? I feel kind of silly asking that, and
>> implementing it almost blindly, but there it is. I understand that it
>> is name related, but I don't see how it fits items. (I've based my  
>> code
>> on  the restaurant example in the Wiki, which also uses "fn".)
> I think "fn" stands for "full name".  (But I'm just taking a guess.)

Not quite. "Formatted Name" is actually better. Sayeth the spec 

> Type name:FN
> Type purpose: To specify the formatted text corresponding to the name
> of the object the vCard represents.

So, FN is a way for you to put all the bits and piece of a person's  
name together in the human-understandable, culturally defined way.  
Remember, though in many European languages names are "given-name  
family-name," I believe the converse is true in many asian languages.

Ryan King
ryan at technorati.com

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