[uf-discuss] PICS

Rohit Khare rohit at commerce.net
Wed Oct 26 16:54:39 PDT 2005

 > comments about QT4 declining to adopt PICS

In its defense, it was trying to solve a very broad problem under the  
microscope of media frenzies and Federal lawsuits -- it was too  
hypersensitive an era to propose anything as "simplistic" as  
hReview's 1-5 ratings default. I daresay we'd get the same flames and  
fail if we tried to map hReview to that problem domain today, too.

Moral: don't try to encode machine-readable (and machine-actionable)  
moral judgments. hReview is much more innocuous because it's  
primarily human-readable today, not the basis of a robot censor.

Search for the "hReview-in-Review" presentation I made in Chiba in  
May at WWW2005 for a bit more background (but not much...)


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