[uf-discuss] ModuleT Updated - With Feedback (and feeling)

Kevin Lawver kevin at lawver.net
Sat Oct 29 11:23:44 PDT 2005

Hey folks,
	I think I've incorporated the feedback we've gotten so far.  If y'all 
could go check it out again, I'd appreciate it.


	I had some questions about proper syntax for XMDP, and if the 
class="required" was OK or not, so if anyone has an opinion, or links to 
details on whether having required elements in a profile is a good thing 
or not, I'd love to see them.  I know that most profile stuff is 
optional, but we feel pretty strongly that there are some pieces of the 
module that really will need to be there in order to make it useful. 
	Sorry if I'm not being clear...  ankle surgery, pain killers and  no 
sleep don't make for coherent e-mails.


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