[uf-discuss] Need a figure markup

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Sun Oct 30 07:30:50 PST 2005

Greg Elin wrote:

> We have no HTML tags for rendering EXIF metadata and as a result  
> presenting or creating behaviors around EXIF data.

Here are some examples of people rendering EXIF data in HTML:

(XML via API, and bits as HTML on any individual photo page)
(click on "Details")
(click on "Info")
(click on "More on this photo")

There is certainly room for standardization, but the existing data to  
be standardized is mostly EXIF data, so that would seem the logical  
place to start.  But if the only advantage of that is to make the  
data machine-readable, why not use EXIF itself, which is already  

> As I have discussed in other situations (and a large motivation  
> behind my work with FotoNotes) is that EXIF metadata tends to focus  
> on the visual artifact that is a photograph (the pixel space), with  
> a dirth of parameters to describe the stories embedded in a photo  
> (the information space).

Descriptive information can go into EXIF's "ImageDescription" tag.   
Also, keyword, title, etc.  I can't think of any information that  
could not go into EXIF.

> It is a great loss that browsers have the power to crack open the  
> JPEG file and uncompress binary data to display data but entirely  
> ignores embedded metadata text like EXIF.

Not entirely true:



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