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Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Mon Oct 31 12:28:08 PST 2005

> I have been working on the citation format[1]. [...]  The idea behind
> the format is to be used for citations, so at the end of a 
> book/paper/article/etc when you reference other books you could use 
> the citation microformat. The advantage to this microformat is that 
> many of the same properties can describe "that object" as well as 
> "this object". So there is a solid ground work for self-describing a 
> fiction book.

In addition, I started down a path for making a case that "author" or 
"creator" should be added to hreview.  When I review books on my blog, 
the most glaring omission in the microformat markup is that the author 
isn't annotated semantically.

These pages are the results of my poking around:


I think Julian is talking about marking up the work of fiction rather 
than its review, but the identifying info ought to be common.

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