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Emiliano Martinez Luque martinezluque at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 11:48:38 PDT 2005

Thank you Dr. Prabhakar for answering and thank you Tantek for the guidance 
and encouragement. I was a little scared that I might have annoyed the 
people at this list. (Sometimes I try to sound polite or humble and it ends 
up sounding rude. The worst part is I then try to correct it and it comes 
out even worse. :-) And then I get really paranoid... I guess I'm a little 
scared since I'm new to this kind of thing and I have read and studied 
documents writen by people on this list. So it's kind of scary. Well.. you 
know, There is a human side to all of this!! :-).. )

The next step is to start a listing-brainstorming page wherein you start to
> do some analysis of the research you've done, and document some your
> analyses.

First among these will be to document the "80/20" of the properties/fields
> that current examples use.
> That is, given the examples you've researched, what fields/properties do 
> 80%
> (approximately) of the examples use or represent? What fields/properties 
> do
> the "majority" of the examples use? Consider giving more "weight" to the
> implied schemas of sites that have more examples.
> This kind of analysis should be fairly straightforward.

Yes, a pattern seems to be emerging. This makes sense as methodology. Will 
start working on this today. I hope Trevor will be happy to join me and we 
will be able to get this going.

> The next step, the art of taking that analysis and coming up with a 
> proposed
> schema, is a bit more challenging and can often use the 
> experience/expertise
> of someone who has done at least some format design. There are several 
> such
> folks here, so once you have gotten the "listing-brainstorming" document 
> to
> that point, ask again on this list, and hopefully one or more folks will
> help out.

I was scared you were expecting us to get this all on our own!!! (Or that I 
might have given that impression. )

Again Tantek thank you for your kindness and understanding. I'm just a 
little insecure since I'm new to this kind of thing. I was really scared I 
might freaked you people out. It's a relief to see I didn't (or at least not 
that much) :-)

Emiliano Martinez Luque
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