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Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Thu Sep 1 21:32:59 PDT 2005

On Sep 1, 2005, at 7:48 PM, Emiliano Martinez Luque wrote:
> All good then.
> I started writing some ideas but I couldn´t get much done yet. I  
> will try to add it to the wiki tomorrow.
> On another front, I see that there has been some activity regarding  
> Location (which will come handy for this). Have Postal Codes been  
> considered?
Of course. Though they aren't the only think considered. They are  
considered along with other human-comprehensible location data (ie,  

> I understand that the problems of Postal Codes are:
> . it´s ambiguous data, since Postal Code '15456' might reffer to a  
> location in the US, Tailand, Egipt, etc.
> . Postal Codes have different sintax according to country.
I think these problems are already somewhat solved with hcard/vcard.
> However a combination of Country Code (like the one for domain  
> names, I believe there is an ISO for this) - Postal Code should be  
> considered.
> for example: <abbr class="postalcode" title="US 90210">90210</abbr>  
> (Please excuse the cheesy reference!)
> would probable solve the issue, since:

No need to reinvent hcard here.

> . A Postal Code is precise within a Country´s Postal system. (I´m  
> guessing this but otherwise would be Kafkian)
> . One could parse the Postal Code side according to the Country  
> side. Which would solve the syntax issues.
> This may not be as sexy or precise as Latitude, Longitude  
> coordinates but it would provide a simple, intuitive, easy to  
> implement, non ambiguous, time tested, way of refering to locations.
> What do you people think of this? I just wanted to add this to the  
> discussion on locations, though I guess some further research is  
> needed.

The location data discussion has been pretty quite as of late, but  
the working hypothesis we came up with is

1. Extract the adr construct of hcard to use for recording locations  
expressed in terms of human readable addresses
2. Extract the geo property of hcard to express lat/long.

I tried finding where I made these statements in the archives, but I  
can't seem to find them.


> I´ll try to add tomorrow what I´ve been working on.
> Emiliano Martínez Luque
> TheThingsIWant.com

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