[microformats-discuss] Correct Microformat method for citations?

Joshua Kinberg jkinberg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:05:08 PDT 2005


I'm one of the developers of FireANT, an RSS video aggregator.
In our next release, we want to include a feature that will let users
re-blog items. We intend to do this by popping up a box with code for
the user to copy-paste into their blog (too much hassle to deal with
blogging APIs). I would like this copy-paste code to be as
well-structured as possible. One thing I'd like to include is a link
to the original source with the appropriate microformat mark-up. But,
I'm a little confused after reading this:
< http://microformats.org/wiki/citation-brainstorming >

Is the correct syntax, rel="cite"?
Did rel="via" get dropped somewhere? I had thought that was the
correct way to do it...
What about <cite>? How does that fit in the picture?

Anyway, just trying to figure out which is the most correct form so
that I can implement it...


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