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Luke Arno luke.arno at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 13:50:46 PDT 2005

Never mind. It looks like Tantek answered both my questions in another 

If I understood correctly it is yes to XFN in atom:link and no to IANA and 
because "namespaces create silos," which I can see.

- Luke

On 9/17/05, Luke Arno <luke.arno at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to get my head around microformats still.
> I asked this already but I think it got lost in the previous thread.
> Does it make sense to do this:
> <atom:link 
> atom:rel="contact" 
> atom:href="http://examle.org/hCard.html" 
> atom:type="text/xhtml"/>
> As a side note, has there been considerations of using the IANA registry 
> for 
> rel values. Could prefixing help avoid conflicts going forward (rel="
> xfn.contact"?)
> Like I said, I am just trying to get my head around this.
> Thanks.
> - Luke
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