[microformats-discuss] hReview should include a way to specify Author

Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Mon Sep 19 13:22:24 PDT 2005

I added this question to the FAQ, but no one has responded there, so 
I'll ask the mailing list.

I've been formatting my book reviews (http://pancrit.org) using the 
hReview microformat, but there hasn't been any obvious way to tag the 
authors of the works.  I understand that hReview was trying to be more 
general, and therefore to cover product reviews, movies, restaurants, 
and so on, where there isn't an obvious author.  But I would have 
thought that book reviews were an important enough subset that allowing 
people to specify the author in a searchable way would be important.

How hard would it be to add an optional "author" tag?  What are the 
arguments against adding this useful marker?

Chris Hibbert
Principal Investigator, Prediction Markets
chris.hibbert at commerce.net

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