[microformats-discuss] Another hCard question

Greg Falken gfalken at webdancers.com
Mon Sep 26 08:16:41 PDT 2005

The vCard text for which Outlook didn't display the PO Box is:

PRODID:-//suda.co.uk//X2V 0.6.18 (BETA)//EN
NAME: Contact Emerson & Associates
FN:Linda Emerson
EMAIL:info at emerson4biz.com
ORG:Emerson & Associates
ADR;TYPE=work:P.O. Box 44;;;Twain Harte;CA;95383;;
TEL:(209) 586-4464

I'm using Outlook 2003 SP1, under Windows XP Pro SP2. Your suggested
workaround worked (i.e., the address is displayed properly in Outlook), with
the new ADR data being:

TYPE=work:P.O. Box 44;;P.O. Box 44;Twain Harte;CA;95383;;

Thanks again,

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On 9/24/05 9:51 AM, "Greg Falken" <gfalken at webdancers.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Regarding the hCard at, I've tried to
> make it more semantically correct by changing
> <span class="street-address">P.O. Box 44</span>
> to
> <span class="post-office-box">P.O. Box 44</span>
> The .vcf file looks correct but the P.O. Box line doesn't display in
> Outlook. Is it me or is it Outlook? If it's Outlook, I'll have to change
> back to using "street-address", since that worked ok.

This is the second vCard related Outlook quirk that's been reported

I think that's sufficient to start taking some notes on the wiki:


Could you please add some details (perhaps a plain text quote of the entire
vCard, and version/OS information on Outlook)?

Also, as a workaround for Outlook you could perhaps state:

 <span class="post-office-box street-address">P.O. Box 44</span>

Which will put it into both sub-properties of ADR.



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