[uf-discuss] Media Metadata, Specifically Video Thumbnails

Steve Williams sbw at digg.com
Wed Aug 16 14:22:35 PDT 2006

I'm new to microformats.  I read Mary Hodder's excellent wiki page 
describing the current landscape, but I didn't find a specific 
microformat for media metadata.

Is there a concrete recommendation for microformats to express media 
metadata?  If not, would one of you more experienced microformatters 
have time to help me whip up a proposal?

Our specific need:

We added YouTube and Google video thumbnails to digg.com yesterday.


We used YouTube's public API and an unpublished Google mechanism to 
fetch their thumbnails.  YouTube's API is great, but it's a bit 
heavyweight for just fetching thumbnails.  Fortunately, there's an 
opportunity to influence other sites to adopt a microformat for the 
thumbnail and perhaps other metadata.

Digg invited other video hosting services to contact us about getting 
their thumbnails on digg, and a bunch of them have contacted us already.

They're asking us what they need to do, and I'd like to respond, 
"Just mark up the video's permalink page with this here microformat, 
and we'll use that to grab the thumbnail."  But I don't know enough 
to tell them exactly how to do it.


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