[uf-discuss] Nabu as microformats?

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Wed Mar 1 17:42:20 PST 2006

Hmm. Anyone here familiar with Nabu?


Sounds an awful lot like a way to extract microformats from text.   
Any idea if Martin knows about/ supports microformats for his HTML  

-- Ernie P


The most interesting talk of the day was Martin Blais' talk on Nabu,  
which he calls a publishing system using text files. Martin is using  
reStructured Text as a way of marking up structured data (events,  
people, etc) in a reStructured Text document. He gave a timely  
example of a travel text file, which was to represent his trip to  
PyCon. In this file he had regular text describing various topics,  
and embedded in the text was marked up meeting information, contact  
information and so it. Nabu can process the file, extract all the  
marked up data, and then do a variety of things with it, including  
publishing a web page kind of view of all the data. While Martin says  
it's not a PIM, I think that it does some interesting things that PIM  
users might be interested in, particularly some of the 43Folders /  
life hacks crowd. Martin is very clear that this is not a "for your  
Mom" kind of tool, but if you are a keep it all in text files kind of  
person, and want to take things up just a little bit, I think it  
might be worth looking at. Most of the OSAF folks were in Martin's  
talk and it sparked some interesting discussions about Martin's work.  
The travel file example that he showed is exactly the kind of thing  
that we are aiming to be able to support using our collection system,  
so it was nice to see something that was similar in spirit.

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