[uf-discuss] proposed geo syntax addition (affects hCard) Re: [microformats-discuss] adr and geo microformats finally written up

Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Mon Mar 6 10:58:41 PST 2006

> 1) The current GEO property has to have sub-properties of
> class="latitude" and class="logitude" this is lost if they get moved
> into the ABBR title. (which is OK because there is the RFC that
> describes the proper way to describe the order etc) so this is really
> a non-issue unless there is some hard-core geo-caching folks out there
> who think ALTITUDE is a requirement as well? vCard can't handle it, so
> i'm not sure what we do in any case....

Speaking as a geocacher (though I admit I haven't surveyed other 
cachers) I think Altitude is a non-issue.  Cachers almost never specify 
altitude.  When the altitude is in question, it's part of the search to 
discover which altitude to search.  I've seen caches in multi-story 
garages, and at a cliff face, and I don't remember the description ever 
saying anything about whether to look at the top or the bottom.

Altitude on most retail-level GPS receivers is unreliable enough that 
regular users ignore it unless an answer to within a few hundred feet is 

Chris Hibbert
Principal Investigator, Prediction Markets
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