[uf-discuss] Product Data Microformat Revisited

Mike Dierken dierken at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 23:15:34 PST 2006

> I wonder if Mike (Dierken) and David (Beach) would have any info re the
> possibility of getting a microformat like this integrated into Amazon
> and Yahoo! Shopping?
My guess is that since Amazon already provides nearly all their
product information as XML via Web services, they would feel that you
can build the site your self - adding links to their pages probably
isn't their idea of fun.

The parts of a product microformat that would help link to customer
reviews is the product identifier, rather than the product content or
other descriptive data. You can look for the ASIN in the URL, then
request the reevoo data associated with that ASIN. Since reevoo
probably won't have it indexed by ASIN, then reevoo could retrieve the
product data as XML, pull out the identifiers (upc, mfg/partnumber,
etc) and search for appropriate reviews.

Note - although I work at Amazon, my participation here is not meant
to be a representation of Amazon's position on anything, and
everything I write here is my own opinion.

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