[uf-discuss] Biography microformat?

Breton Blake Slivka zen at ZenPsycho.com
Mon Mar 13 05:21:00 PST 2006

To be clear at the start, this message is not a proposal for a new 
format. (Well not yet anyway)

I am gearing up to do the redesign for an art gallery's website. I am 
considering making heavy use of microformats. This site contains 
exhibition dates and information, (easily presented by hCalendar), Links 
(there are countless microformats for these, if I'm not mistaken!) The 
typical location,phone number, email stuff easily represented by hcard...

and Artist biographies!'

It's the last one that's giving me some trouble.

The artist biographies consist of:

The artist's name
One or more photographs of the artist's peices
a self written biography (these are autobiographies.)
and possibly present is zero or multiple links to exhibitions the artist 
has shown in, or god knows what else.

hCard seems to contain most of the properties listed except for the 
biography itself. (there does not appear to be a description property or 
anything of that nature)

hReview contains all the needed properties, but it seems a bit strange, 
since I am basically saying these artists are reviewing themselves. How 
many stars do they give themselves? It seems semantically backwards somehow.

hResume, aside from still being in draft form, seems overly verbose for 
such a simple task. Though perhaps I am mistaken. It seems most suited 
to the task, but does not seem ready for use.

So what is someone new to microformats, such as myself, to do?

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