[uf-discuss] Dreamweaver implementation

Phil Wilson microformats at philwilson.org
Mon Mar 20 04:43:19 PST 2006

> On 19 Mar 2006, at 23:43, Chris Messina wrote:
> > Can we port this kind of thing to TinyMCE for use in Wordpress?
> Hi Chris
> To be honest, I've no idea how TinyMCE plugins work. I'm guessing
> they're XHTML/JavaScript based, so we're in the right ballpark.
> But by the same measure, the work I've done in Dreamweaver is loosely
> a port form the online generators.
> If someone here has TinyMCE plugin knowledge, let's put our heads
> together and see.

FYI, we're currently evaluating both TinyMCE and Microformats at work
for potential use in a CMS, so would almost certainly need to develop
multiple TinyMCE Microformats plugins, probably starting in a about
four weeks' time.



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