[uf-discuss] Licensing and microformat content within feeds

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 13:51:33 PST 2006

Feedburner already allows you to embed a license in your feed. We
should document their approach.

I think feeds already allow you to embed a license generally:


One other idea to consider for hAtom at least would be embedding a
license using the object tag -- this way you could simply refer to the
external license permalink and not replicate all the extra data (which
seems to me one of the shortcomings of the current licensing


Anyway, I might be missing the point of your question -- what are you
looking for?


On 3/22/06, John Panzer <jpanzer at aol.net> wrote:
> I'm starting a discussion about feed licencing which might be of
> interest to members of this mailing list, and which will hopefully help
> form the technical extensions that AOL adopts to deal with feed
> licencing issues.  I'm soliciting input from the community.
> This may apply to hAtom (to the extent that hAtom ends up being used as
> a substitute for XML based feed data) and of course data within RSS or
> Atom feeds may have RelLicence elements.
> Link:
> http://journals.aol.com/panzerjohn/abstractioneer/entries/1281
> This is the initial discussion, painfully abstracted to avoid the
> complicated stuff.  I'm trying at this point to see which of these
> starting assumptions are themselves problematic before going further.
> Thanks,
> --
> John Panzer
> System Architect
> http://journals.aol.com/panzerjohn/abstractioneer
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