[uf-discuss] Plants Microformat

mark gibbons mpgibbons2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 06:12:52 PST 2006


> I don't understand what problem this microformat would solve.  The
> stated problem seems to be basically "there's no microformat," which
> doesn't really explain why there should be.

Thanks for the reply Scott.

I would be the first to admit it is a niche, but here would be a few
scenarios where I can see this as useful.

- Collection of distributed plant information from the web into larger
plant databases.
- Plant catalogs can be published by retailers and the information
about what can be bought where, can be easily aggregated.
- Building up personal catalogs of plants, so I can have a customized
view on my own plants that I grow, telling me more about them.

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