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>> What do you mean by "plants"? Garden plants? Plants as studied by
>> botanists? Plant-material, such as cut flowers, or planks of timber?
>Is there really any ambiguity here?  The former two are the same
>thing, no?  Does a plant become something different depending on
>whether it is in a garden or being studied by a botanist?

Yes. It's care changes from how to tend it (water, situation, shade,
etc.), to how to conserve it (grazing, habitat preservation, etc.). If
it becomes a piece of timber, its care is about how you season and store

In the former case, the care regime is often a matter of opinion, rather
than hard fact.

Better to have a way of marking up a a species, or
species-and-subspecies/ cultivar; and allow user agents to fetch care
info/ conservation/ substance details from a preferred source.

>  It still  has the same latin name

No, it has a scientific name.

>Do we need to clarify that we're not talking  about plastic plants or
>photos of plants also?

Is that really the level of debate, here?
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