[uf-discuss] Plants Microformat

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Fri Mar 24 14:50:17 PST 2006

I wonder, how many, or what percentage,of people are required to make a 
particular microformat endeavor worth devoting space on a wiki, and the 
effort of others to review?

I don't personally care that much about plants on the web, but I do find the 
idea interesting.  And being ADD, that at least ensures a little attention 
to the proposal from me.

Honestly, I think that if this person is motivated enough to complete all of 
the work himself, with only minor guidance from those on the list, there 
isn't any reason to disallow it.  It certainly isn't going to garner front 
page attention any time soon, but it is complete and useful, it could.


"Ryan King" wrote...
I understand that there are some people, for whom, plants are an
important part of the Web for them. But, for me (and I suspect many
others), there are a hundred more important things to work on. We
already have a number of microformats, in many states of
completeness. I'm going to focus my energy on those– building tools
and test cases for them, explaining them to people and building
consensus around them.

I can't speak for others' time, but mine needs to be spent on more
pressing matters. And I could use help on them. Lots of help. (hint,
hint, nudge, nudge)

Also, on a related note, we need to be very careful about creating
new microformats– remember microformats are not appropriate for every
use case.


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