[uf-discuss] Plants Microformat

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Fri Mar 24 14:59:52 PST 2006


Good job starting, but you will want to make your examples a little more 
descriptive.  For instance, not just listing the types of information on a 
site, but how that information is displayed.

<img src="/graphics/icons/DBluFore_AspSun.gif" alt="Sunshine Levels - 
Sun"><font class="ForeLo"><b>etc.

Also, you want to list what/how information for each site.  Refer to the
page for examples.


"mark gibbons" <mpgibbons2 at gmail.com> wrote in 
message news:34ccc8b40603230520k707fa7cdsf7362df9d42cdf0d at mail.gmail.com...

I am developing a microformat proposal for plants. Please take a look
and join in if you wish.


Mark Gibbons 

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