[uf-discuss] seeking clarification w/r/to hCard and RFCs 2425/2426

C. Hudley chudley at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 21:02:07 PST 2006

hCard clearly states that it is "a 1:1 representation of the vCard
standard (RFC2426)".  I have an application for which a slightly
broader directory structure might be useful, to include directory
entries for things like machine protocols and data formats.  If I
understand the relationship between RFC 2425 and RFC 2426 correctly,
this might call more appropriately for use of another profile defined
under 2425 apart from the vCard profile defined in 2426.

So far I think I understand all that... please correct me if I'm mistaken.

If that's correct, I thought at first that it might be good if I could
simply shoehorn the directory information I need into hCard, as the
meanings of various attributes and their values *could* roughly
translate adequately.  This seems to be the microformatic way.

But, hCard also explicitly states that it is a "contact information
format for people, companies, and organizations".  So if I used it for
directory information about anything other than people, companies, or
organizations, it might be incorrect, or, at least, be misinterpreted
by code intended to more strictly follow the intent of hCard (e.g.,
you might not really want to use the magic web clipboard to save
protocol references into your desktop addressbook).

I didn't find any discussion of this issue during a closer look around
microformats.org and the archives of this list a while back.  Has
anyone run across it, and if so, how have you dealt with it?

My apologies if I've missed anything more recent on this... I haven't
been able to follow or participate as closely as I'd have liked or had
promised for a few months.


C. Hudley
We Know The Truth, Inc.

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