[uf-discuss] Citation format straw proposal on the wiki

Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 19:18:50 PST 2006

On 3/28/06, C. Hudley <chudley at gmail.com> wrote:

> But, the helpful part of the distinction is that when you're examining
> a reference external to the content at hand, you don't need the full
> bibliographic details.  This immediately lets you eliminate stuff like
> subjects/keywords, pricing, copyright, licensing, owner, format,
> coverage, and audience, all of which are mapped in the
> citation-formats.

All the above is true except for format/media. While for standard
texts this information is not relevant, for other sources it is.

> (** to be precise, I'd just reuse the profiles defined in OpenURL for
> journals and books to start, since those are explicitly barebones
> subsets for following references, but you've heard that from me
> before...)

I have to disagree on the usefulness of the OpenURL stuff in this context.

Mike, I don't spend time designing microformats either, but just
looking at your list of properties, a few comments:

#  title: required, text (class = fn)
# subtitle: optional, text

I've come around to the belief that title and abbreviatedTitle is more
a more useful distinction. The latter can also cover things like
journal title abbreviations.

# authors: optional, use hCard

You need editor and translator too.

aside: I wonder WRT to names if there's some way to encode a
normalized version somehow for easier conversion?

# publication date: optional

Dates are tricky. For example, my book has a copyright date (and
hence, the citation date) of 2006, yet was publshed in 2005.

In my own data, I tend to just use dc:date, and in some cases
dcterms:issued and dcterms:dateCopyright.

# link(s) to instantiations, optional, url or use rel-enclosure? (class=url)
# UID, optional (for ISBN, DOI - use existing uid class) | permalink

I think it's important to use unique ids that can map to uris where
possible; e.g. info:doi/34135425, urn:isbn:2345354567, etc.

# series (aka volume/issuenum) , optional (not as sure how to handle
these - suggestions?)

volume, issue, document

# pages: startpage & endpage, optional, text

non-contiguous pages?

# venue, optional (hCard)

In the work I've been doing, I've been thinking about an "event"
relation to capture things like conferences and hearings and such.
Events have dates, names (or titles?), and sponsors.

# publisher, optional (hCard)
# container: optional (nested hCite)

There's a third level of relevance, which are collections (series and
collections, but technically periodicals would be as well).

# abstract, optional (blockquote + class="abstract" ?)
# notes, optional (blockquote + class="notes" ?)
# keywords, optional (rel-tag)
# image, optional (for inclusion inline, unlike the url)
# copyright, optional (rel-license)

Per above, it's probably true these are less important, though I have
no objection to them being there.


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