[uf-discuss] Describing software

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Wed Mar 29 06:52:35 PST 2006

So based on a discussion elsewhere, I was looking to see if there's  
an existing proposal for some kind of software microformat.

The closest I can find is the stuff on Widgets, which initially looks  
like the right sort of thing but quickly degrades into stuff about  
embedding HTML documents inside of each other. Neither a problem I  
was aware of, nor one I am looking to solve.

Is there anything that would help me describe software?

I'm thinking primarily of listings of plugins and extensions, but no  
reason why not for full software products, open source projects and  

I guess the problem I'm trying to solve is something like

"Is there a sandwich-making plugin for Wordpress version 1.5"
"I'm looking for a typing-tutor program for Windows XP, that's  
suitable for kids and costs less than $50"

As a plugin author or a software vendor, I could describe my products  
in a way that was meaningful in helping the above questions to be  

Like versiontracker.com, but distributed.

Is there anything in discussion to address this that I've so far  


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