[uf-discuss] Citation format straw proposal on the wiki

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Wed Mar 29 11:55:34 PST 2006

On 29 Mar 2006, at 14:44, brian suda wrote:

> By putting the [type] in <x class="citation [type]"> we are hiding  
> data,
> this something that microformats strive to avoid. A simple solution
> would be to bring the [type] value out into visible data.

As Mike said in another message just now...

"you don't say "[3] Book: "Linkers & Loaders",
John R. Levine, 2000" , you say "[3] "Linkers & Loaders", John R.
Levine, 2000""

so that information would be hidden anyway.


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