[uf-discuss] attention microformat

Nick Swan nick.swan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 02:51:12 PST 2006

Hi all,

first message to the emailing list after attending the microformats and
structured blogging session with Marc Canter and Tantek at Mix06.

I'm interested in using the attention microformat for an application I'm
working on, and so am seeking clarification as to where this format
currently is. Checking the wiki entries on the microformat page it seems as
though initial discussions began, but didn't get much further:

Checking on the Technorati wiki there is some more information and even a
sample in microformat:

Is this the format that people are currently using who are working on
attention applications? We are keen to use a standard format so to allow
people to move their attention data from one service to another, so would
really appreciate any pointers

Many thanks
Nick Swan
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