[uf-discuss] Mashup a Web page containing geo

Andrew Turner ajturner at highearthorbit.com
Fri Nov 3 05:57:19 PST 2006

Have you looked at the Geo implementations section:

There are a couple of Javascript and associated tools like what you've
done. I wrote one using Greasemonkey to display a map of locations,
and also geolocate you and give you driving directions.

If you still do your own solution (which is always fun and you may
come up with a better solution) then look at YahooMaps, since it's not
referrer specific for the key, but just a registered AppID, or
Microsoft Maps which doesn't require any key (but is very buggy). You
can also look at OpenLayers which is open-source.

And if you want to be really neat, use something like Mapstraction
which is a javascript mapping library that abstracts G/Y/M/OL and lets
you switch between them.


Scott Reynen <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:
> > > Suppose I have an ordinary HTML web page.  Embedded in the web page
> > > are
> > > a number of geo microformats.  The web page has a link to, say, a
> > > Javascript file.  When the web page is loaded in a browser, the
> > > Javascript is automatically invoked and extracts all the geo
> > > Microformats, mashes them with Google Earth, and then displays a
> > > Google
> > > Earth map on the browser screen with dots at the locations where the
> > > geo microformats indicated.
> > >
> > > For a user who doesn't want a map display, he can receive the same web
> > > page, but with a link to a CSS file, which displays the geo data in a
> > > textual form.
> > >
> > > Thus, the same data can be rendered in multiple different ways.
> > >
> > > Has anyone done this kind of thing?  Care to share how you did it?
> >

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