[uf-discuss] Is class="vcard fn" illegal?

Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Sat Nov 25 11:19:07 PST 2006

Is it perhaps useful to talk about implied vcards? The rule could be  
similar to:

If a an element with class=vcard does not have any hCard class names,  
imply the entire content as an fn field, and attempt to apply the  
implied "n" optimization.

Optionally, if the root element has @href, imply a class="url".

For example:

<a class="vcard" href="http://ryancannon.com/">Ryan Cannon</a>


FN:Ryan Cannon

All this is possible because it requires an hCard without hCard  
markup inside.

This is fairly powerful for a few reasons:

   * It does not require in-depth knowledge of hCard or vCard
   * Extraordinarily simple markup
   * Provides a smaller barrier-to-entry for microformats that  
require hCard

Once I started working with compound microformats (hresume, hreview,  
hatom, hcite) I began to find all of the additional mark-up  
cumbersome, especially for very simple vCards and where most of the  
code had to be written by hand.



On Nov 25, 2006, at 7:03 AM, microformats-discuss- 
request at microformats.org wrote:

>> <cite class="vcard fn">Mr. John Q. Public, MD</cite>
>> Why is it not legal?
>> I thought that I could optimize using multiple property names in a
>> class attribute?
>> I guess I don't understand when multiple property names can and  
>> cannot
>> be used in a class attribute.  Would someone please explain the rule?
>> /Roger
> There is an hCard FAQ about this:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard- 
> faq#Can_you_mix_properties_and_the_root_class_name
> if you don't understand/agree with the Q/A please let us know so we
> can better explain why this is not possible.
> -brian

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