[uf-discuss] Introducing Happy Pals

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 10:48:01 PDT 2006

While HappyPals will work with all browsers, there's a better way to
do this without adding extra classes:

a[rel~="friend"], a[rel~="met"] {
	padding-right: 32px;
	color: green;
	background: url('met.gif') no-repeat top right;

a[rel~="friend"] {
	padding-right: 17px;
	color: blue;
	background: url('friend.gif') no-repeat top right;

a[rel~="me"] {
	padding-right: 17px;
	color: #8A811D;
	background: url('me.gif') no-repeat top right;

Someone should verify that that will work, but I believe that that's
the correct syntax.


On 9/8/06, Colin D. Devroe <cdevroe at theubergeeks.net> wrote:
> We wanted to make using REL attributes a little more fun.  So a real
> quick WordPress plugin allowed us to take the REL attribute
> information and automatically add the appropriate classes to make it
> easy to denote (visually) whether someone is a friend, colleague, etc.
> This could be easily modified to include other Microformats such as
> hCard.
> http://chancecube.com/archives/2006/09/08/introducing-happy-pals/
> Colin D. Devroe
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