[uf-discuss] Q: visualisation of XFN

Thomas Hofmann toohoo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 02:42:24 PDT 2006

Hello both,

thanks so far. The attribute selectors were also my idea to a possibly
solution. The blog posting gave me an advanced hint. The problem I was
thinking about was also the combination of more than one value. As
described in the post an override could be a solution. But then it is
fixed, that a colleague is also every time a friend. (Look the latest
"secret files tunguska" ;-) ) So I am glad to see also a solution for
combining more than one values. But it might become a little more work
to set out all possible combinations. I first tought about the usage
of pre for that and if it can display more than one pics. I will study
about this.

greetings, Thomas

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