[uf-discuss] Dated currency examples?

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Sep 24 15:28:47 PDT 2006

On 9/24/06 3:15 PM, "Andy Mabbett" <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:

>>  Otherwise there is a ballooning of optional components.
> That's absurd, and a very weak and illogical form of argument. Nobody is
> suggesting any more than one optional component. You've invented the
> rest.

Even one additional optional component adds complexity.  This is
unfortunately from experience (not just mine) with *LOTS* of standards

>> In terms of date, I suggest you look to the context of the document
>> itself (or perhaps surrounding blog post) for date time information.
>> E.g. consider marking up a context with hAtom inside which the currency
>> would be implied to be "current" according to the "published" datetime.
>> I would assert this covers far more than the 80/20 case but more like
>> the 99+% case (ecommerce sites etc.).
> And is there, or is there ever likely to be an hAtom parser which
> converts historical to current values?

Not the point.  

The point is that "current" values are 99+% case (we can count/cite pages on
eBay, Amazon etc. if you like) which are easily represented by using hAtom +
currency, thus relegating purely historical references to the <20% case
which we reject for v1 of a microformat.

> Finally, I thought the community wanted evidence, not assertions?

Are you seriously arguing that there are more than 20% references to
explicit *historical* currency amounts in contrast to all the e-commerce
sites out there which reference "current" values as of the date-time of the
publication of the page?


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