[uf-discuss] hMood/hPresence?

Goix Laurent Walter laurentwalter.goix at telecomitalia.it
Thu Feb 1 03:02:28 PST 2007

Ideally we could end up one global Presence protocol, but SIMPLE and XMPP are already competing in different worlds...and their not using the same concepts for moods and activities...
Anyway, the suggestion of using tags for representing mood is the least that we can do, but it's very hard to hook up to semantics and know that "happy" actually means that the blogger felt "happy". Using the href as way of representing semantics is a very loose approach since it means that all should use the same link (that somehow represents a concept semantically), which is quite hard to achieve, if we want some crawler or plugin to parse the 'mood' information. Instead, having a specific microformat would intrinsically add semantics to the word...


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On Jan 31, 2007, at 9:26 AM, Sam Sethi wrote:

> Personally I hope XMPP becomes the interoperable standard for  
> presence and
> then we an build apps on top of this? Twitter, Gmail and Joost are  
> all using
> XMPP and this potentially will allow me to set my presence, mood and  
> status
> in one app and have it ripple through to the others.

I sure hope so.

As an IM client developer (I work on Adium in my free time), I would  
absolutely love it if XMPP were used more -- it's an open standard  
which helps a lot during protocol implementation. It's not quite as  
nice as it could be, since XMPP is by definition highly extensible and  
it's feature set is vast. Trying to develop against a large, moving  
standard is not the most fun thing to do -- although it's a different  
type of not-fun from picking apart OSCAR packets. ;)

Investigating embedding microformats into XMPP is something that  
people have talked a lot about, but nobody has really done. As usual,  
it's those darn existing implementations that we shouldn't break that  
get in the way of progress ;)


(FWIW, there is/was an effort to develop a framework on OS X[1] for  
unified presence and messaging on that desktop, but development has  
sputtered and it's not really moving forward).

[1] http://chatkit.net
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