[uf-discuss] Microformats, WebApps 1.0 and UI widgets in browsers

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Thu Feb 1 07:09:31 PST 2007

Le 1 févr. 2007 à 19:36, Kevin Marks a écrit :
> On Jan 31, 2007, at 11:25 PM, Karl Dubost wrote:
>>       At first, I say “cool, very cool!”. Then, taking a step  
>> back, I think what about the documents which have been created for  
>> the last 15 years before microformats effort existed. These  
>> documents contain class names which are probably and most  
>> certainly very similar to some values defined by microformats  
>> community.
> Karl, can you document instances of use of 'vcard', 'vevent',  
> 'hfeed,' 'hresume', 'hreview' etc before microformats defined them?

Agreed on that.
Notice that you selected some specific class names.

> Very similar isn't an issue; exactly identical  
> is._______________________________________________

What I'm stressing out is that some class names if they trigger some  
UI behaviour will indeed make troubles.

hCalendar: "description", "summary", "category", "location",  
"status", "last-modified"
hCard: "adr", "street-address", "email", "geo", etc.
and plenty others.

You seem to have missed the bit where I was saying that any  
mechanisms for switching being a specific class surrounding class  
names, a profile URI attribute, etc would be fine.

In my pages for example, I have started to change my instances of  
title for titre, and author to auteur, because I do not want to have  
to trigger something I didn't want.

See it from a CSS point of view:

* The owner of the page can choose the CSS properties associated to a  
series of class names.
* The reader can override properties with his/her own stylesheet.
* The browser does not trigger a style by itself without people  
choosing it.

If you read carefully my message, I'm not saying "bad", I'm saying  
"be careful".

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