[uf-discuss] mime types and microformats

Rob O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Thu Feb 1 07:37:49 PST 2007

Hi there,

    I have a question regarding mime types and microformat parsing, an 
area i find thoroughly confusing because of the differences in opinion 
on the web. I just read an article [1] that goes on about serving XHTML 
as text/html and why it's bad. It seems fair enough but I see it all 
over the place even on websites of experts like ppk, tantek's site, 
wordpress blogs etc... so I do it myself. The article suggests that 
XHTML doctype or no if it's served as text/html then it's treated as 
HTML. Secondly the wiki definition states they must be in (x)HTML/XML 
documents. If (x)HTML documents when served as text/html are treated as 
HTML how are the microformats still working? Does this mean microformats 
will work under an HTML 4.01 doctype?

I might have the wrong end of the stick if the mime type only relates to 
browser rendering and compatibility... like I said I'm confused.

[1] http://www.hixie.ch/advocacy/xhtml


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