[uf-discuss] hMood/hPresence?

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 08:23:25 PST 2007

Hi Sam,

On 31 Jan 2007, at 17:26, Sam Sethi wrote:
> Just wondering does presence and mood really apply to a  
> microformat?  What I
> want is federated presence across applications and devices.

> Personally I hope XMPP becomes the interoperable standard for  
> presence and
> then we an build apps on top of this?

I've not got a particular interest in a mood/presence microformat  
personally, but I think it's worth pointing out that you've got two  
different issues in hand there. I completely agree that having some  
means of unifying ‘presence status’ across applications would be  
fantastic. I also agree that a microformat is not an obvious answer  
to solve that problem (although it could be done and could work, all  
the same).

The focus of an hMood microformat would be different though,  
reflecting the fact that right now, people can and do publish their  
moods and presence in HTML. Separately from IM and all the rest, but  
published all the same. On the premise that something useful can be  
done with this information that is already being published, a  
microformat would just make that information discoverable in a  
consistant manner. Nothing more.

Now as you think ahead, of course if *could* be used by services one  
source of unified status, but that's not the problem a microformat  
would be focused on solving.


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